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Let me explain... No, that would take too long. Let me sum up...

I received two wonderful fics this year as part of the [ profile] hlh_shortcuts and [ profile] yuletide swaps. I've mentioned them before but they both bear mention again:
Pilgrims for Highlander (Amanda and Methos) and Something Nasty in the Woodshed for Yuletide (The Avengers - 1960s tv).

I wrote five fics this year for the two aforementioned swaps:
Messing With Lazarus - Methos and Joe - PG (gen)
Originally written as a potential pinch hit but then everyone got their stories in and no pinch hits were needed. Thing is, by the time I knew that I was pretty much done with it. Inspired by the song Po' Lazarus (I was listening to some music to get in a good frame of mind to write Joe), it's got Watcher politics, Immortal folklore and a terrible couch.

Oh, My Mountain - Methos and Duncan - PG13 (gen) - written for Nirva
I'd had this idea of making Methos the expedition doctor for a group of climbers on Everest for some time now but I'd never done anything with it. Everest (and the phenomenon of people feeling a pressing need to climb it) fascinates me. Of course, it's not really a great place for a challenge.

Collaboration, Cooperation and Chime - Emelan/Circle of Magic by Tamora Pierce - Briar, Daja, Tris, Sandry and some OCs - PG13 (some violence, tiny bit of slashy romance) - written for Opalsong
I've written in this fandom before but never these characters. Originally it was supposed to be a shorter piece with Briar dealing with the trauma of having lived through a war, but then I reread the books and the story grew a crime to solve and a few OCs.

The Madame Curie Look-a-Like Contest and Other Failed Diversions - Real Genius - Chris, Ick, Jordan and assorted others - PG (gen) - written for thecarlysutra
I've always been nervous about writing for this canon but I couldn't not write a bunch of failed pranks. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Some background on the pranks: My father told me about some students at MIT attempting to haunt a new building by burying speakers against its foundation, but someone found them before the building was finished. My father also told me about some other students who wanted to make a point that professors never really paid attention to their students and spent a semester getting an entirely made up student through a full course load. With those sorts of stories, how could I resist?

Folk Art of the Ocean - The Dark is Rising - Jane - G - written for TLvop
This was a treat and I admit, it was written in under an hour. The thing is, it all but wrote itself. TLvop and I had chatted a tiny bit about The Dark is Rising in the Yuletide chat, sparked by my username. I checked TL's Dear Author letter and saw a request for Jane-centric fic and there it was. Jane as an adult, walking through a museum. Then she was the curator. Then there was the Greenwitch. I've only had that sort of writing compulsion once or twice before and it was a joy to get that piece out this time.

And then I made some recs for [ profile] yuletide. 52 recs, to be precise. And I'm not done reading through the things I'd marked to read later. Here are my recs, covering Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The Avengers (TV), Anna to the Infinite Power, Breakfast Club, Chronicles of Riddick/Pitch Black, Clue, Dark City, Dark Crystal, Elfquest, Emelan - Tamora Pierce, Galaxy Quest, Grosse Pointe Blank, Hot Fuzz, Howl Series - Diana Wynne Jones, The Magicians, Muppet Show, MST3K, Oglaf, Oregon Trail (videogame), Portal (videogame), Protector of the Small/Tortall - Tamora Pierce, Push, Read or Die, Sandman, Ship Series - Anne McCaffrey, Star Trek: DS9, Sunshine, Swallows and Amazons, Toy Soldiers, Valdemar - Mercedes Lackey, Yellow Submarine, Young Wizards/Illuminatus!/Sandman

I'll add to this post when I finish my recs and get to read through the rest of the [ profile] hlh_shortcuts stories for this year.

Also, I'm going to be adding all my HL stories to AO3. I did all my older Yuletide stories last year then got distracted before I could do HL. If you've done the HL swap in previous years and got something from me, you might get a notice for it when I put it up.
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