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I wrote stuff again this year! Amazing! I participated in both [ profile] hlh_shortcuts and [ profile] yuletide_admin/[ profile] yuletide and wrote two stories for each. I'm working on a few NYR treats for Yuletide pinch hitters who don't seem to have gotten anything yet too, so I'll add those here if I get them done and posted soon.

Highlander (comments on the LJ posts for these will not mail to me, so I will be slow to respond)
Title: The Retirement Party - for [ profile] mackiedockie
Rating: PG
Characters: Joe, Methos and Duncan
Summary: Joe is retiring. Yes, really. So naturally Duncan and Methos want to give him traditional Highlander farewell.
Links: AO3 || LJ

Title: A Routine Operation - for [ profile] ithildyn
Rating: PG
Crossover: Highlander/Avengers (2012)
Characters: Joe, Methos, Amanda, Coulson
Summary: Methos gets caught up in exactly the sort of fuss he doesn't like getting caught up in: A government agent, an international war criminal and Amanda.
Links: AO3 || LJ

Tamora Pierce - Trickster books
Title: Royal Courtship is a Tricky Proposal - for Opalsong
Rating: PG
Characters: Dove and Aly mainly, with a host of others in minor roles and a pile of original spies
Summary: Concerning the courtship of Queen Dovasary Haiming Temaida Balitang and other events during the fall of 468 H.E. in the Copper Isles, as compiled by Alianne Crow (nee Cooper).
Link: At AO3

Pretty in Pink
Title: I turn around again, and it's love - for Starrrz
Rating: PG
Characters: Andie, Blane, Iona, Duckie, Steff
Summary: Six moments in time for Andie and Blane, through college and parents and breakups and travel, out of the 80s and into the 90s.
Link: At AO3

Given some of the ideas I had while writing the Avengers/Highlander story, that one's likely to grow. Also, given some of the other HL stuff I've done this year, I hope I'll be writing more for those.

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