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I wrote some stuff this winter. Actually, I wrote more stuff than I really intended. And then I wrote more. Now that authors have been revealed in both of the swaps I participated in, yay, I can say what I wrote!

For the hlh_shortcuts Highlander swap:

Deaccession - A gen future!fic story featuring Methos’ library spaceship, a Library of Alexandria with horribly unscrupulous collection development methods, Amanda stealing shit and a new use for the Methuselah stone. Written for [ profile] tryfanstone.

Give the Poor Dog a Bone - A gen story about Amanda raiding Duncan’s cabinets to feed herself and Joe while Duncan is out of town. Written for [ profile] myystic.

For Yuletide:

In the Wind - Hackers - When Kate gets home for winter break she finds Cereal and Nikon missing and some shady stuff going on. Gen, featuring Kate, Dade, Phreak, Joey, Nikon and Cereal. This was my main assignment but the next one was for the same person as I couldn’t not write it.

Exit and Enter - The Matrix - A little bit of background for Trinity when she first arrives in Zion, newly awakened. Gen, featuring Trinity and Switch.

Govern the Clock - Tricksters (Tamora Pierce) - A treat written for a pinch-hitter who asked for something about Dove after the end of the books, dealing with her change in position and the difficulties therein.

Homewards - The Changeover (Margaret Mahy) - A treat written in a fandom I love, featuring Laura and Sorry living together as adults and working together both day-to-day and with their magic, even if Sorry’s mother and grandmother don’t understand how.

Get Fucked Soon - Empire Records - A very last minute treat about a little bit of Deb’s post-store life, including training Warren and dealing with her mother and the cops. I swear, it’s got a positive ending. TW: demanding absentee parents.
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