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Okay, letter time!

Dear Pacific Rim Secret Santa writer!

First, thank you so much for writing for me! I hope I am not too difficult. Honestly, I'm pretty easy-going when it comes to swaps and secret santa stuff. If you want more insight into what I like beyond Pacific Rim you can go ahead and poke around at my Highlander and Yuletide swap letters, which are the posts directly under this one, and/or go ahead and look at my AO3 account. All my fic is there. Want my tumblr? Sure! It's flukeoftheuniverse and it's kind of a mess, sorry.

Now for details!

For general likes: I'm very much a backstory and in-betweenstory person. I love exploring how characters got to where we meet them in the canon. I love knowing them better. I also love getting more about minor characters we either never meet or only meet for a moment. Now, I am aware that I asked for a bunch of characters who die in canon. Feel free to run with the sad angsty death stuff, or feel free to go for fluff. I am open to either so please write what works for you on that front. Same goes for rating - If you want to smut it up, go for it. If you want to keep it all clean, cool by me. Feel free to ignore the pairing if we matched on Stacker and Herc, though I would ask that the Kaidanovskys still be married if we matched on them, even if you don't write shippy stuff for them. And while this is not an explicit request for such things, if you get the urge to write a location AU like high school or coffee shop? Go for it.

For general dislikes: I'm not really interested in kid or baby fic or pregnancy in general. I'd rather not have the Becket trio shipped in this one. Kink is cool but I'd prefer to keep things like scat and watersports out of it and I'm not into ABO.

That's about it! Thank you for writing Pacific Rim fic for me!

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