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Dear Pacific Rim writer!

Wow, okay, assignments went out fast (I'm so used to Yuletide needing to take a couple of days) and I was caught without a full letter up. Sorry about that.

As I noted before, my letter from last year is here and it's still fairly relevant.

But hey, this is a new year so let's get up to date!

First, generalities:
Thank you so much for offering something I asked for. I hope it's something you'll enjoy writing! I tend to be pretty easy-going when it comes to swaps. If specifics/prompts I ask for just aren't working for you? That's totally cool. I'm not super picky about rating so if you want to go shippy and adult? Awesome. If you want to stick with gen? Also cool. Go where the story feels like it should be and don't force it somewhere it's not going.

Second, likes/dislikes:
Likes - Backstory, continuing stories, everyone lives AUs, missing scenes, angst, sibling-cest, and I will happily accept total crack and ridiculous AUs and mashups.
Dislikes - PWP, character bashing, unresolved angst (angst is good but I'd like a positive ending), pregnancy (including mpreg), kid-fic, underage sex, parent/child incest.
Special case - Character death. This movie has a LOT of dead characters and I accept that (no, I lie, I'm in denial - my first fandom prepared me well for denial over character death), but unless I've otherwise specified (such as a potential AU in my second request) I'd rather not kill off anyone who wasn't actually killed off in the canon. Thank you.

Third, specifics:
1. Sasha/Aleksis Kaidanovsky
"Anything with the Kaidanovskys. I adore them so very much. Background for them would be amazing, as would a "Kaidanovskys live" scenario. And anything exploring Sasha's very plainly possessive attitude towards Aleksis would be fun."
So, I love the Kaidanovskys. They are my giant Russian babies. I truly wish we had gotten more of a look at them and at their relationship, but what we see on screen has such great character! Sasha definitely calls the shots and they've been in the program since the early days so there's plenty of space to explore if you want to do backstory there. Or have them survive! I would be good with that too. How long do they wait? What is the aftermath like? Who finds them?

2. Raleigh, Yancy, and Jazmine Becket
"I would absolutely adore an AU where the three Beckets are piloting as a trio, like the Weis. Yancy's death could still happen, leaving Raleigh and Jazmine as a pair, or two of them could die, still leaving one alone, or hey, keep them all alive and run with it. If that doesn't work for you, anything with Jazmine visiting the Icebox or being involved in the PPDC would make me happy."
I really wish we'd gotten to see Jazmine in the movie and I love knowing she exists. I'd love to see her relationship with her brothers in any way. Where was she while Raleigh and Yancy were in the Icebox? Did they have a falling out (I know the novel has details, feel free to run with that if you've read it and want to but don't feel obligated to cleave to it), were they in touch, did Raleigh contact her? What if she was in another dome in a support capacity?

3. Mako Mori and Chuck Hansen
"What I'd like most for Mako and Chuck is backstory. The movie gives the impression that there's a rivalry there, so where, exactly, did it come from? Obviously they knew each other, since Mako knows Max and Stacker and Herc have known each other for a while now. So what was their friendship like? Did they date? Did either of them want to, then decide not to because of the pressures of being pilot candidates? I'd love something for them. I'm also not above a "Chuck lives" AU to see them reunited."
My details from my signup say most of my thoughts on them for this. I love Mako so so so so so so much, and she doesn't get to interact directly with Chuck much, but there has to be background for them. They've moved in the same circles for too long for there not to be. That could totally be explored. Or keep Chuck alive and deal with his return. Throw Raleigh into the mix and see what happens (I love Raleigh too, but didn't want to lock this one into including him - include him if you want but if you're not into writing him that's cool, I just don't want to see him bashed or killed).

Thank you again for writing for me! I hope you have fun with it!

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