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Wow, this is super late. Things got away from me at the beginning of the year and I just never made a post about what I wrote for swaps this year. Oops. I did, on the other hand, make a tumblr dedicated to my fic writing: merrimanwrites. All it has so far is links to this year's swap fics on AO3 and some notes on this year's Highlander story, but eventually it will have more.

For [ profile] hlh_shortcuts I wrote:
Title: Like New
Characters: Methos, Richie
Rating: Gen
Words: 4429
Summary: Methos is definitely not a new Immortal, but Richie doesn’t know that and Methos isn’t about to tell him.
On LJ * On AO3
Expanded notes on tumblr.

For the Pacific Rim Secret Santa I wrote:
Title: Spindrift
Characters: Raleigh, Mako, Stacker, Herc, Chuck, Tendo
Pairings: Raleigh/Mako, Raleigh/Mako/Chuck (implied/potential)
Rating: Teen+
Words: 4343
Summary: After Pitfall no one is sleeping well, particularly Stacker Pentecost. It might just be survivor’s guilt keeping him awake, or maybe it’s something else. Mako and Raleigh are determined to find out.
On AO3

For [ profile] yuletide I wrote:
Fandom: Only Lovers Left Alive
Title: Vast Darkness Unobscured
Characters: Eve, Adam
Pairing: Eve/Adam
Rating: Teen+
Words: 3220
Summary: Adam and Eve, a galaxy apart but still together and moving closer and closer and closer.
On AO3

Fandom: Emelan/Circle of Magic - Tamora Pierce
Title: Investiture
Characters: Sandry, Briar, Tris, Daja, Duke Vedris, Dedicate Lark, others in minor appearances
Rating: Gen
Words: 2999
Summary: Duke Vedris is naming Sandry as his heir. Does she truly want that? And will there be trouble?
On AO3

Fandom: The Magicians - Lev Grossman
Title: Tree Time
Characters: Jane Chatwin, Julia Wicker
Rating: Gen
Words: 1620
Summary: Four meetings in four places at four times. Super duper spoilers for all three books.
On AO3

Fandom: Black Books
Title: Resolved!
Characters: Bernard, Manny, Fran
Rating: Gen
Words: 1114
Summary: Where did they come from? When were they made? No one knows!
On AO3

And that's the lot from this past winter swap season! I'll hopefully be writing up some notes on the Pacific Rim, Only Lovers Left Alive and The Magicians fics at least. They'll be in my writing tumblr.

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