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My Old Fandom - I am the worst and this was totally supposed to be done weeks ago. Life went whoooooosh and here we are on Trash Mountain. Of which I am the queen.

Anyhow, in the hopes that the person assigned to me is still looking, here's an actual letter:

This is going to follow a similar pattern to my Yuletide letters.

First, thank you!
Thank you for offering something I requested and than you for taking the time to make something for me. Art or writing, I'm super happy about either one. I am extremely sorry that this letter wasn't in place when assignments went out. Hopefully some of my other letters from other exchanges were a bit of help? Regardless, thank you.

Second, generalities - likes/dislikes, squicks.
This is straight out of my Yuletide letter and therefore is a lot more fic focused:
When it comes to rating, I am not picky. I'll be just as happy with a gen story as with smut and vice versa. Don't try and force a sex scene into a story if it's just not going there for you and don't try to keep it all-audiences if things are heating up.

I am such a sucker for backstory and continuing stories, seeing what happened before we met the character(s) or after the end of the canon. Missing scenes are great too, but you can always get me with some pre or post-canon.

I love angst in stories, but I also like my angst to be resolved by the end of the story. I'm not asking for everything to be super happy funtime with kittens and roses and party balloons, but I'd like some resolution to whatever problem comes up.

Want to go for some crack AU? Have at it!

As for things I really don't like I'd prefer to avoid pregnancy and kid-fic. They're just not really my thing. Please no underage sex or noncon. And when it comes to kinky stuff I think only the Highlander request could go there for me. That said, while I did include Caspian in there, I've got a bit of a cannibalism squick, so maybe keep that out of the actual story/art even if it is implied in the canon.

I've never participated in an exchange where art was a possible gift so I guess I don't really have a good idea of what to say for that specifically. Hopefully the fic stuff translates okay to art? I adore fan art but I'm no good at drawing, myself, so I'm not sure what's helpful.

Third, specifics for my requests.
1. The Dark is Rising - group: Bran Davies/Will Stanton, group: Will Stanton and Bran Davies, Jane Drew, group: Will Stanton and Bran Davies and Jane Drew and Simon Drew and Barnabas Drew
I have loved these books since I was about 9 years old. I love the idea of Bran and Will together. Their friendship was always something I liked. I also always liked the oddness of the Drews, who are relatively ordinary but swept up in things, and Will and Bran, who are more aware of their position in the greater scheme of it all. One of my favorite bits in any of the books is Jane looking out her window at night in The Greenwitch and seeing Will join Merriman and realizing that Will is more like Merriman than he is like her brothers.

2. Highlander: The Series - Methos, group: Methos & Kronos & Caspian & Silas, Joe Dawson, group: Duncan MacLeod and Methos
As I mentioned in my sign-up, Highlander was the first fandom I actively engaged with as both a reader and a writer. It's also one of two fandoms I do fandom-specific swaps in every year, so I have a few letters about my Highlander preferences if you poke through the older entries here. One that touches on some of the themes I like is here. The Horsemen don't tend to be as popular in that swap, so I don't usually bother to focus on them, but I do love the horrible messy dynamic between Methos and Kronos specifically. This is also a canon that I think lends itself well to horrible crack AUs like coffee shops and the like. It would amuse the hell out of me to see the Horsemen running a stable or something.

3. The Prisoner (1967) - Number Six (The Prisoner), Number Two (The Prisoner)
What a weird, fucked up show this was. I love the escape attempts, the microculture of the Village, the unspoken secrets, the new Number Two every episode. I'd prefer not to see anyone finally actually break Number Six, but there's no reason they can't try! That said, please not with kinky sex. That's not really what I'm looking for from this particular fandom.

That's it! Sorry again for utterly dropping the ball on this letter.
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