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Dear Yuletide writer!

(Some of this is taken directly from my older letters, but only because it's still true!)
First of all:
Thank you for offering something I requested! I adore Yuletide and the folks who participate and I truly appreciate that anyone volunteered to write one of the fandoms I requested. I wrote some prompts in my details, but rest assured, I know that optional details are optional. If you've got an idea that isn't from my prompts? That's totally cool.

Secondly, let's talk generalities:
When it comes to rating, I am not picky. I'll be just as happy with a gen story as with smut and vice versa. Don't try and force a sex scene into a story if it's just not going there for you and don't try to keep it all-audiences if things are heating up. As well, I am perfectly good with slash, femslash, het when it comes to relationships and pairings. Write what works for the characters and for you.

I am such a sucker for backstory and continuing stories, seeing what happened before we met the character(s) or after the end of the canon. Missing scenes are great too, but you can always get me with some pre or post-canon.

I love angst in stories, but I also like my angst to be resolved by the end of the story. I'm not asking for everything to be super happy funtime with kittens and roses and party balloons, but I'd like some resolution to whatever problem comes up.

As for things I really don't like I'd prefer to avoid pregnancy and kid-fic. They're just not really my thing. Please no underage sex. And when it comes to kinky stuff I think for these particular requests I'd prefer to keep things fairly vanilla (the one exception to that being Pree - he seems like he might be into some kinky stuff if you want to venture in that direction).

Thirdly, now for specifics:

1. The Box of Delights (TV) -
Character(s): Maria Jones
Anything about Maria. Please. She's been expelled from several schools. Headmistresses swoon when they hear her name. She's generally got at least one pistol on her at all times. She faced down Abner Brown and Sylvia Daisy Pouncer and they let her go. Maria's exploits before or after the story would be fantastic. How did she get expelled? Ignoring the cop-out ending, what does Maria go on to do later now she's seen true villains and magic at work?
Go ahead and include anyone else from the movie if you like. That ending has always bothered me, but the rest of it is marvelous. If you've read The Midnight Folk, you know that Kay has had prior dealings with Sylvia and Abner. What about Maria? Was this her first encounter with things like this? Her sisters seem like they'd be likely to brush it off, but Maria and Kay are far more drawn to it.

2. Wise Child Series - Monica Furlong
Character(s): Juniper, Trewyn
It was years between when I read Juniper for the first time and when I discovered that Wise Child existed and had been written first. But there's such a huge gap between the two! I would love to see more of who Juniper was between the two books and I would love to see her reunite with Trewyn at any point or even some more of their time together while they're still students. I admit, I've only read Colman once and I don't remember it that well, so I'm mainly interested what we know in the first two, but I'm not opposed to using content from Colman as well!
As I said above, I'm a huge sucker for backstory, so Juniper makes me so very happy. But there's a ton of space to work in that Juniper doesn't cover. That being said, I'd be more than happy with something post-series as well.

3. Killjoys (TV)
Character(s): Pree
I have adored Pree since the first moment he graced the screen, but the revelations in season 2 that he was a criminal, that he had claimed the Royale from its previous owner through force, just made me love him more. I'd love to see some backstory for him, or in-between moments when he's just trying to keep the Royale running because his life isn't just about Dutch and her team (though feel free to have Dutch show up - I just wouldn't mind seeing what happens when she's not there) and he's obviously got a lot going on.
I have fallen hard for this show. I love Dutch and Johnny and D'avin. I love the world and the people in it. I am also a big sucker for characters with grey morals and a lot of loyalty. Pree hits that nail right on the head, so anything that explores who he is and where he might have come from would be wonderful. Who does he have history with? What has he done? He seems to have an especial fondness for Dutch - any particular reason?

Please feel free to contact me through the Yuletide mods if you feel you need more information or have a question/concern about something. I'm more than happy to elaborate on a point or clarify. Thank you again for offering one of my tiny little fandoms and I hope you have a wonderful Yuletide!
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