Dec. 28th, 2012

merriman: (Yay!)
I have been sick and lacking the attention span to do much outside of work, but I am forcing myself to post because holy crap, I got awesome gifts this year!

For [ profile] hlh_shortcuts I got an absolutely fantastic Avengers crossover starring Joe, Methos, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson and a ton of fun snark and action and crack. Oh yeah, it's crack. Crack so fun I was laughing hard enough to wake up the husband next to me. Unready Reserves, rated G, link goes to part 1 but I urge you to read on through part 2 and leave a comment, cause it rocks.

For [ profile] yuletide I got a lovely fic for The Changeover, by Margaret Mahy. It's post-canon, set well after the events of the book, involving the every day lives of Sorry and Laura and Laura's younger brother, Jacko. I absolutely adore how Laura and Sorry's magic is infused into their lives even when they do normal things like cooking dinner for each other, and I love the choice Jacko is faced with and how they handle it. The story is really nicely written and, importantly, it feels right for the canon. I'll Break My Staff, I'll Drown My Book, rated Gen.

I'll post a list of my own wintery works when authors are revealed.

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