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I feel horribly late doing this now but oh my goodness, I got wonderful gift fics this year!

First, I received Pilgrims for [ profile] hlh_shortcuts this year. It's a fantastic medieval road trip with Amanda and Methos (who are both perfectly written) and I adore it.

Second, I received Something Nasty in the Woodshed for [ profile] yuletide this year. The fandom is The Avengers, and I mean the British television show from the 60s, not the superheroes. It's Emma Peel and John Steed on their first case together, investigating something unpleasant at Emma's cousin's home. It's got some touching moments and some funny moments and some action, which is perfect.

I'm so happy with my gifts and I wanted to mention them on their own. I'll hopefully actually manage a rec list this year. I've so failed at that in recent years. Oh well.
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Hey, guess what time it is?

Yuletide time!

So, here's my Dear Author letter:
Dear Author )
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Oh gosh, I forgot to put up a "Dear Author" letter before the hlh assignments went out. Oops. Sorry about that.

The thing is, my details don't really change much from year to year. Here is my post from 2008: 2008 HLH. Apparently I didn't do one last year or the year before because that pretty much covered it. I'm more than happy to answer questions through amand_r if you need anything more particular.

Thanks for writing!
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Swiped this from [ profile] fandom_me

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

I've written in a lot of bitty fandoms and a ton of games, so take a look at my AO3 list, add HL and HP to it and my RP characters are fair game too.
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Out of curiosity, I've got a question for anyone who's still reading here (given that I post so rarely).

I've been watching a movie a day for the past 308 days. This is likely to continue for at least 240 more days. Probably longer. And then we might switch to tv episodes we've got on DVD. I review everything and while some of them wouldn't really be worth pointing out here, some of them would.

Anyone interested in what I've seen, what I've thought of them, etc?
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And so the winter fic swap season has ended (for me at least) with the Yuletide author reveal. I've still got stories to read, what with the YT archive being so massive, but the official challenges/swaps are over.

I wrote a total of five stories this year. Four for Yuletide, one for Highlander.

[ profile] hlh_shortcuts -
I wrote Fencing for [ profile] hafital.
It's a HL/Ocean's 11 crossover, which was a blast to write even if it did take off in a totally different direction than I started it in. It was supposed to be a heist fic with Amanda, Danny and Rusty sort of competing to see who could get to the loot first. But it was slow going and I was having trouble with the set-up. And then I had a computer-less evening just before Thanksgiving and ended up scribbling in a notebook for a few hours and this came out of that.

[ profile] yuletide / Yuletide 2010 on AO3 -
Freelance for MiraMira
Fandom: The Magicians by Lev Grossman
I read this books months back and when I saw it on the Yuletide fandom list I knew it had so many fantastic fic possibilities. I offered one character in particular - Jane Chatwin - because I thought she had some wonderful potential. And then that was my assignment. I reread the book several times, agonized over the fact that it would necessarily be one big spoiler, worried over the time travel/back and forth aspect, and eventually was very pleased with what I wrote.

Variant Flare for Kettricken
Fandom: The Magicians by Lev Grossman
I picked this up as a pinch hit not long after sending in my first story. It was for the same fandom, which I had been steeping myself in since getting my original assignment, and as soon as I saw the prompt I had a story idea. It's not nearly as spoilery as the other one, since it's a missing scene from mid-book. As an aside, while I did write this as a pinch hit, it seems as though the original writer for this recipient didn't actually default. There was a story uploaded, but not tagged correctly as filling an assignment. Looks like it is now, which is fantastic. Still, I'm thrilled I had the chance to write this.

A Day in the Life of Penny Priddy for missmollyetc
Fandom: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension
I saw the prompt for this (asking for a fic focusing on Penny) during Yuletide Madness and I do so love Buckaroo Banzai. I wanted to do something that showed both the sort of every day stuff that likely goes on at the Banzai Institute, and Penny's internal thought process in regards to being there. I admit, I drew a little on what I remembered from the book in terms of new students and their living conditions.

The Elephant's Balloon for kiki-eng
Fandom: Black Books
It is getting to be a habit for me to write at least one Black Books fic every Yuletide. I can't help it! They're so much fun and if I put an episode on in the background or before I write to refresh my memory on details the voices practically start shouting for me. Bernard in particular. I believe the prompt for this wanted to know more about the lensgrinder in Omsk (part of Bernard's original story which was later distilled into the ill-fated children's book). So I watched the episode, drew upon significant experience reading pompous book reviews (comes with the territory of Children's Librarian) and there it is. I was rather in a rush to get it done before midnight, as I didn't know when the archive would close. I've spotted a typo just now and should go fix it. I'm very sorry to have missed that until now.

And that's the lot this year. I always think I'm going to go back and do New Year's Resolutions for Yuletide but I've only done it once so far. Maybe this year will be the charm. I also have promised follow-ups to some of my past hlh stories and not done it. We'll see if I can remedy that.

And for anyone curious, I am going through some of my old stuff and dropping it into AO3, since I've got an account and all. I moved all of my old Yuletide stuff manually a few months back, so there's more Black Books, Ocean's and a random assortment of other things there already.
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Dear Yuletide writer!

Thank you so very much! )
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So, I did a good bit of writing this winter gifting season.

One Highlander story for [ profile] hlh_shortcuts and five in five different fandoms for [ profile] yuletide.

Highlander )

Yuletide )
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Oh hey! It's Yuletide time again!

I've been NaNo-ing like mad, so I totally lost track of time and didn't get a Dear Author letter up before assignments went out. Oops.

So, without further ado, Dear Author!

Yuletide is the bestest )
And that's it! You can always go through the mods to ask me something if necessary.

Thanks again!
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Dear Yuletide Writer...

I suck and have not written my letter yet this year. NaNo has consumed my brain.

BUT! I will have one up tonight. I promise!

Got it written! It's the entry above this one.
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Shallow thoughts, written as I watch tonight's BSG:

Spoilage for the latest BSG )

So! Anyone else LOL at Adrian Paul in the Drake thing?
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So. I'm all of like, 8 or so minutes into the new episode of BSG and I watched the webisodes tonight before the new ep started and all I can say so far is this:

I love BSG. I loved it from the start. I loved the brain-twisty plots and how it always seems to deliver something I wasn't expecting. I love the characters and how they're complicated and imperfect and flawed. I love the mythology and the speculations I get to make.

But I am getting major burnout. Truth be told? I was getting burnout during the first half of this season. Last year. Now I'm getting to the point where as much as I love the show, I just want the damn answers. I want the final cylon and I want the mythology and the opera house and chip!six and Starbuck explained. Not in ten weeks. Now. I just want answers. I'm ready.

Come on.
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Woo! [ profile] yuletide assignments have gone out and I've got mine so that means someone out there has my name and requests in their inbox.

I love Yuletide so much.

So! In the interests of being a little more informative than I was in my requests, here's my Dear Yuletide Santa letter:

Dear Santa )
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Re: The promo for next week's Heroes

OMG (spoilery) )

I'm actually liking Parkman's storyline in this one, and he's been a meh sort of character for me so far.

Also liking Claire's storyline, and Sylar's.

Peter, sorta meh.

Hiro? It makes me so sad that I'm not big on this one. I like his "nemesis" but otherwise eh. Whatever.
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Thoughts on the Heroes premier:

Spoilery )

And thus ends my watching of the two hours premier. Overall? I'm excited. I hope if they keep Maya around they give her a spine but I doubt they will. But otherwise? I'm liking a bunch of the new guys, good and bad, and a lot of the old characters are turning out pretty cool, at least in the first two hours. So yes. Hopeful.
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Looks like [ profile] hlh_shortcuts signups are open, which means Yuletide's probably not far behind. I love this season.

Anyhow, here are some details for my Shortcuts signup:

Details ahoy )
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BSG keeps doing this roller coaster thing where it sucks and rocks in turn. Tonight was definitely of the rocking and it made me cry and I have no idea what they're going to do next. I like that.

Also, I am working on something BSG related. But it is also full of crack and perhaps cowboys. I blame laylah over on IJ.
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[ profile] yuletide authors have been revealed, which is yayful. This year I actually managed to get my recs completely done before the reveal. I failed last year but oh well. It's not an imperative thing, I just like to be able to say "I loved these stories for the writing, not for the name attached."

Anyhow, for anyone interested, I wrote two stories this year:

Happy Birthday Man - Black Books - PG - written for Tish. The request specified Bernard and suggested Manny's birthday as a plot. I got this as my original assignment and the beginning coalesced immediately. I ended up getting reassigned but I wrote this anyhow and I'm quite pleased with it. If you've seen the show it'll be far more amusing than if you haven't. If you haven't I'm sure it comes off as the ravings of a lunatic. Which isn't far off, considering Bernard.

Imagine The Odds - Ocean's 11 - R - written for justbreathe80. This was my real assignment. The request was Danny and Rusty with the details of smut and snark. My smut hasn't been so present of late so I saved up all the bits of it that I could just for this. I included all of the major crew, mostly because once I started thinking about Danny and Rusty everyone else wanted to weigh in on the matter.

All of my stuff in the archive can be found here. One Neverwhere, one Fight Club, two Lost Boys, one Circle of Magic and then this year's two. Apparently I do Brad Pitt movies and fantasy novels. Good to know.
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I have now made it through the archive. I commented as much as I could but I'm afraid my brain has shut down. I'll have to go back and re-read a few things, I'm sure.

Anyhow, here is the second half of my recs: M-V.

Fandoms: Monica Furlong - Wise Child, Mythology - Egyptian, Mythology - Norse, Neil Gaiman - Neverwhere, Pretty in Pink, Princess Bride, Royal Tenenbaums, Sandman (comics), Stardust (movie), Susan Cooper - Dark is Rising, Tamora Pierce - Circle of Magic, Tamora Pierce - Tortall, Venture Brothers

More recs! )

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