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Dear Crossovering writer -

I am so very sorry that this letter was not up before assignments went out or just after. Life got in the way, then LJ got in the way and ate what I wrote. Sorry about that.

I've participated in a number of fic swaps over the years, so there are other Dear Writer letters in my LJ, fairly easy to find. Of special note would be if you matched with me on Highlander, I've done a Highlander swap for several years now and my letters for that have some of my preferences for that fandom.

That being said, here's the rest of the letter!

First - Thank you!
This is my first Crossovering swap, but I have had a love of crossovers for ages. I love reading them, I love writing them. I love how writers manage to either cross things together or fuse them. I'm more than happy to have either a crossover or a fusion for my requests, so go for what you want. I want my writer to have fun!

Second - Generalities
Much of this is copied from some of my older letters as my general likes/dislikes/squicks can apply here too.
  • When it comes to rating, I am not picky. I'll be just as happy with a gen story as with smut and vice versa. Don't try and force a sex scene into a story if it's just not going there for you and don't try to keep it all-audiences if things are heating up.

  • I love angst in stories, but I also like my angst to be resolved by the end of the story. I'm not asking for everything to be super happy funtime with kittens and roses and party balloons, but I'd like some resolution to whatever problem comes up.

  • I usually love backstory or post-canon stuff, but I don't know how well they'd work for these requests, so whatever moves you for timeline placement, go for it.

  • As for things I really don't like I'd prefer to avoid pregnancy and kid-fic. They're just not really my thing. Please no underage sex or noncon. Cannibalism and body horror squick me something awful so please none of that? Thank you.

Third - Specifics
So, at the end of the specific requests, I'm going to list my favorite characters from each of the fandoms I requested. By no means am I at all expecting you to include all of the characters I list from the fandoms we matched on. I just want to give you an idea of who I like.

Request 1: Highlander: The Series, Supernatural, Preacher (TV)
I love the idea of shows involving weird phenomena and the like catching wind of each other and having to go deal with it somehow.
So, I have this longstanding need for these sorts of shows to collide somehow. The Winchesters investigate Immortals or Jesse Custer (or Cassidy, for that matter), or Jesse and Tulip once crossed paths with Amanda. Joe Dawson hears about vampires, or Cassidy and Benny were once pals. That sort of thing.

Request 2: Pacific Rim (2013), X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
I have a deep need for Marvel goodtimes, possibly along with Kaiju if you are so inclined.
The fact that X-Men and the MCU aren't in the same universe thanks to rights issues makes my heart so sad, so anything that brings them together would make me happy. And either or both universes also involving mutants as jaeger pilots or jaeger pilots as mutants or superheroes? That would be a ton of fun. I'm also quite fond of how Marvel has long had lots of different alternate realities and I love bringing them together, so no fears about having, say, both Quicksilvers in one story.

Request 3: Highlander: The Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Killjoys (TV)
Space crossovers are super cool, even cooler if there are Immortals involved. Info on squicks and dislikes as well as likes and characters in my letter.
I absolutely adore space shows and would love to see how they interact. How would the Enterprise crew react to the Quad? Tossing Immortals into a space setting is also always fun. What roles would they have taken up in the Federation or the Quad? Would they hide their natures or not?

Highlander: Methos, Amanda, Joe
Supernatural: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Jody Mills
Preacher: Jesse, Cassidy, Tulip, Emily
Pacific Rim: Mako, Raleigh, Sasha, Aleksis
X-Men (Alternate Timeline): Charles, Erik, Quicksilver, Kurt
MCU: Tony Stark, Natasha, Pietro, Wanda
Star Trek TNG: Picard, Data, Guinan, Tasha Yar
Killjoys: Dutch, John, D'avin, Pree

I think that's about it! I hope you have a good time writing!
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