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Why is it I feel like I've suddenly gone back in time? Years and years ago, a friend of mine, upon hearing my dissatisfaction with LJ (pre-strikethrough) told me about this site he'd been using to host his own blog: tumblr. Alas, it looks as though while it might still continue to exist, it won't be what it once was. So it goes.

Which brings us here.

I'm not the most active of fans in terms of content. I'm closing in on 40 years old and I'm busy and cranky and I've got anxiety and depression to deal with. I don't make gif sets or mood boards or amazing photo edits. But I do write. Not a ton, but I do. I've been writing fic for a long-ass time and I don't intend to stop. I'm mostly active in the fall and winter (i.e. Yuletide and other swaps) in terms of output, but I'm always happy to lurk/read/comment/discuss any time of the year.

Fandoms: Highlander, Pacific Rim, Tamora Pierce's Tortall and Circle books, Sandman, MCU, and then a whole host of smaller stuff. If you want to see everything I've written, check my AO3. Highlander is definitely the fandom of my heart, regardless of its age. Want to talk sword-wielding immortals? I'm in.

Other places to find me:
pillowfort: merriman
AO3: merriman
ye olde tumblr: flukeoftheuniverse

My twitter is private. Anyone going by merriman on there isn't me.

Currently working on:
A fic for the Highlander swap ([community profile] hlh_shortcuts)
Two fics for [community profile] yuletide_admin/[community profile] yuletide
Editing last year's 50k NaNoWriMo Highlander fic
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It's Yuletide time! My favorite time of the year!

Every year I say to myself I will get my letter done before signups open and every year I am very mistaken. That being said, now it is done! A lot of the more general stuff and two of the requests are largely the same as last year and that letter isn't far below this one, so feel free to go take a gander there but there's not much more to see.

And now this year's letter:

The Letter )

Please feel free to contact me through the Yuletide mods if you feel you need more information or have a question/concern about something. I'm more than happy to elaborate on a point or clarify. Thank you again for offering one of my tiny little fandoms and I hope you have a wonderful Yuletide!
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It's Highlander Holiday Shortcuts time!

So I looked back for my old letters when I was doing my signup, fully intending to put something "new" together this year anyhow, but then realized holy crap, the letters I've been pointing to are now over three years old. Definitely time to put a new one together. That said, the old ones have been migrated over to this journal so they should be there if you want to poke back at them.

Let's get to it:

  • I'm very much not picky about rating. I would be perfectly happy with just about anything, so long as it suits the story, if that makes sense? I just don't want anyone to be trying to force a sex scene into a story just to have it there, but likewise I don't want to say don't go there if the story is heading in that direction for you. I'd prefer no PWP, but that doesn't mean no sex.

  • As for pairings, I'm not big on Methos/Joe, but I'm absolutely fine with configuring Methos, Duncan, and/or Amanda however you want, if that's how you want to roll.

  • I'm not entirely opposed to some crack!fic if you've got a good idea.

  • I've got a few DNWs and squicks:
    • Pregnancy/mpreg

    • kidfic

    • Unresolved angst (angst is cool - leaving it unresolved gets in my head.

    • Dubcon/noncon/rape

What Do I Like?
I like lots of stuff! Specifically, I like Methos. I find him endlessly fascinating as a character, in many different situations. I also really like Amanda, because who doesn't love a charming troublemaker like her? I'm very fond of stories that address the oddness of being Immortal, how it changes how they see the world around them and move through it. I kind of have a thing for the older Immortals. There's got to be a ton of different ways they cope with the various changes they see, the things they've lived (and died) through over the centuries. I don't mind some melancholy in there, but I also do like things to get resolved by the end. Stories that end on an uncertain note tend to leave me feeling unsettled.

Crossover-specific Stuff
  • Star Trek: I am a long time Star Trek fan. Mostly TNG is my thing, but I also adore TOS. I specifically mentioned Picard, Data, and Q, because they're some of my favorite characters. I think they'd have some interesting reactions to Highlander type Immortals.

  • The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Okay look, I love this movie. I love everything about it. And the Cavaliers certainly encounter plenty of Weird Shit, so I've always thought it would be fun to see them encountering Immortals. Or hey, what if Methos was hiding out among them in the 1980s? There's some good crack potential in here.

  • Supernatural: Ever since I started watching this show, I've thought it was a natural fit for a Highlander crossover. Random lightning strikes without accompanying storms? Headless corpses? People who come back from the dead? Come on. The Winchesters would be all over that. Or you could do Immortal Charlie, right? Or Immortal any of the very many characters who've died. I'm open to a whole lot here.

That's about all I can come up with right now. If I think of anything else I'll add it.

Thank you so much for writing for me!
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Oh hey, it's Yuletide signups time again! Which means it's also Yuletide letter time again!

This year's letter is modeled very closely on previous years' letters, which should all have been migrated over here from LJ. If you're curious about previous letters for Yuletide and other swaps, please feel free to take a look.

And now this year's letter:

The Letter )

Please feel free to contact me through the Yuletide mods if you feel you need more information or have a question/concern about something. I'm more than happy to elaborate on a point or clarify. Thank you again for offering one of my tiny little fandoms and I hope you have a wonderful Yuletide!
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Dear Yuletide writer!

All the details )
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Dear Crossovering writer -

I am so very sorry that this letter was not up before assignments went out or just after. Life got in the way, then LJ got in the way and ate what I wrote. Sorry about that.

I've participated in a number of fic swaps over the years, so there are other Dear Writer letters in my LJ, fairly easy to find. Of special note would be if you matched with me on Highlander, I've done a Highlander swap for several years now and my letters for that have some of my preferences for that fandom.

That being said, here's the rest of the letter!

Dear Crossovering Writer under here )

I think that's about it! I hope you have a good time writing!
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My Old Fandom - I am the worst and this was totally supposed to be done weeks ago. Life went whoooooosh and here we are on Trash Mountain. Of which I am the queen.

Anyhow, in the hopes that the person assigned to me is still looking, here's an actual letter:

Dear My Old Fandom writer/artist )

That's it! Sorry again for utterly dropping the ball on this letter.
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Wow, this is super late. Things got away from me at the beginning of the year and I just never made a post about what I wrote for swaps this year. Oops. I did, on the other hand, make a tumblr dedicated to my fic writing: merrimanwrites. All it has so far is links to this year's swap fics on AO3 and some notes on this year's Highlander story, but eventually it will have more.

For [ profile] hlh_shortcuts I wrote:
Title: Like New
Characters: Methos, Richie
Rating: Gen
Words: 4429
Summary: Methos is definitely not a new Immortal, but Richie doesn’t know that and Methos isn’t about to tell him.
On LJ * On AO3
Expanded notes on tumblr.

For the Pacific Rim Secret Santa I wrote:
Title: Spindrift
Characters: Raleigh, Mako, Stacker, Herc, Chuck, Tendo
Pairings: Raleigh/Mako, Raleigh/Mako/Chuck (implied/potential)
Rating: Teen+
Words: 4343
Summary: After Pitfall no one is sleeping well, particularly Stacker Pentecost. It might just be survivor’s guilt keeping him awake, or maybe it’s something else. Mako and Raleigh are determined to find out.
On AO3

For [ profile] yuletide I wrote:
Fandom: Only Lovers Left Alive
Title: Vast Darkness Unobscured
Characters: Eve, Adam
Pairing: Eve/Adam
Rating: Teen+
Words: 3220
Summary: Adam and Eve, a galaxy apart but still together and moving closer and closer and closer.
On AO3

Fandom: Emelan/Circle of Magic - Tamora Pierce
Title: Investiture
Characters: Sandry, Briar, Tris, Daja, Duke Vedris, Dedicate Lark, others in minor appearances
Rating: Gen
Words: 2999
Summary: Duke Vedris is naming Sandry as his heir. Does she truly want that? And will there be trouble?
On AO3

Fandom: The Magicians - Lev Grossman
Title: Tree Time
Characters: Jane Chatwin, Julia Wicker
Rating: Gen
Words: 1620
Summary: Four meetings in four places at four times. Super duper spoilers for all three books.
On AO3

Fandom: Black Books
Title: Resolved!
Characters: Bernard, Manny, Fran
Rating: Gen
Words: 1114
Summary: Where did they come from? When were they made? No one knows!
On AO3

And that's the lot from this past winter swap season! I'll hopefully be writing up some notes on the Pacific Rim, Only Lovers Left Alive and The Magicians fics at least. They'll be in my writing tumblr.
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Dear Pacific Rim writer!

Letter here )
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Dear Yuletide Writer!

All the details )
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As it turns out, I wrote quite a bit this winter holiday season, what with [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] hlh_shortcuts and the Pacific Rim holiday swap. Eight stories in all, which might be the most I've ever done in one season but maybe not?

I also received some wonderful fics this year but I'll be making a separate post after this one for that, because they deserve their own.

For now, here's my stuff, along with notes on the writing:

Highlander )

Yuletide: Library anthropomorfic, Galaxy Quest, Black Books, Space Mutiny )

Pacific Rim )

And that's the lot for this past holiday swap season. I swear, this year will be the year I actually get to all those writing projects I keep meaning to do. Seriously.
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Okay, letter time!

Dear Pacific Rim Secret Santa writer!

letter under here )
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Dear Yuletide Writer!

Details ahoy! )

And that's it! Please feel free to contact me through the mods if you have any concerns/questions and I hope you have an awesome Yuletide!
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Holy crap it's time for [ profile] hlh_shortcuts sign-ups again! That means 1. If you like HL you should go check it out, read some of last year's stuff, maybe sign up? And 2. Letter time!

Read more... )
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Apparently some folks on tumblr are diving back into LJ and holy crap, this thing is like, ten years old. It's also full of old fic and fandom stuff and not much new aside from each year's Yuletide and Highlander swap fics. Maybe that'll change. Maybe not. Probably not. We'll see.

For now, if I added you recently you're probably from tumblr and a Pacific Rim fan. I'm flukeoftheuniverse on tumblr and not terribly active posting-wise but I do a lot of liking!
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In addition to writing things this winter, I also received things! Wonderful things!

My gifts this year:

At the Edge of Our Hope - A fantastic Pacific Rim/Highlander crossover written for me by the wonderful [ profile] ithildyn, with Methos serving as doctor in the Hong Kong Shatterdome during the events of Pacific Rim. I adore this. Methos fits in quite nicely and I love where the author chose to put Duncan and Amanda during the war. Please go read this. Having written crossovers for the Highlander swap before I know they often don't get as much love because not all the readers there for the Highlander stuff know the crossover fandoms.

Once in Love with Stella - My Yuletide gift, written by sphinxvictorian. It's a Local Hero story, and if you don't know Local Hero it's totally findable on Youtube and you should go watch it. Then read this story, which gives a lovely post-movie look at Mac, Gordon and Stella.
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I wrote some stuff this winter. Actually, I wrote more stuff than I really intended. And then I wrote more. Now that authors have been revealed in both of the swaps I participated in, yay, I can say what I wrote!

For the hlh_shortcuts Highlander swap:

Deaccession - A gen future!fic story featuring Methos’ library spaceship, a Library of Alexandria with horribly unscrupulous collection development methods, Amanda stealing shit and a new use for the Methuselah stone. Written for [ profile] tryfanstone.

Give the Poor Dog a Bone - A gen story about Amanda raiding Duncan’s cabinets to feed herself and Joe while Duncan is out of town. Written for [ profile] myystic.

For Yuletide:

In the Wind - Hackers - When Kate gets home for winter break she finds Cereal and Nikon missing and some shady stuff going on. Gen, featuring Kate, Dade, Phreak, Joey, Nikon and Cereal. This was my main assignment but the next one was for the same person as I couldn’t not write it.

Exit and Enter - The Matrix - A little bit of background for Trinity when she first arrives in Zion, newly awakened. Gen, featuring Trinity and Switch.

Govern the Clock - Tricksters (Tamora Pierce) - A treat written for a pinch-hitter who asked for something about Dove after the end of the books, dealing with her change in position and the difficulties therein.

Homewards - The Changeover (Margaret Mahy) - A treat written in a fandom I love, featuring Laura and Sorry living together as adults and working together both day-to-day and with their magic, even if Sorry’s mother and grandmother don’t understand how.

Get Fucked Soon - Empire Records - A very last minute treat about a little bit of Deb’s post-store life, including training Warren and dealing with her mother and the cops. I swear, it’s got a positive ending. TW: demanding absentee parents.
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Dear Yule-writer!

Details for you! )

And that's the lot! Feel free to contact me through the mods if you need more than what I've written, or clarification on something. I hope you have an excellent Yuletide!
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Dear Highlander writer!

details )
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Apparently I'm going to actually do more writing this year. I say this because for the first time in a while I've got a bunch of things I'm really looking forward to working on.

  • Stories for the episodes I came up with for this bit of oddness I did for the Highlander 20th anniversary challenge. At least three of them are so clear in my head, it would be silly for me to ignore them.

  • A third (and possibly fourth) piece to go with New Year's in Scotland and In the Mail. I'd like to do a road trip for Methos and Joe and I'd like to go back in time to when Methos and Connor met. Okay, make it three more pieces, because I'd like to have Connor find out Methos is older than him too.

  • I seem to have started thinking about a Highlander/Buckaroo Banzai crossover in the comments to one of my [ profile] hlh_shortcuts stories, so there's that to play with.

  • People seem to like A Routine Operation, which is flattering beyond words. When I was planning what to do with that story, I had a bunch of ideas for what to do with the crossover. It actually started inside Coulson's head with his contingency plans for his contingency plans and I've got ideas for a bunch of other bits and pieces in the universe, so I'll be doing that too.

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